About Opioid Use

What is opioid use disorder?

An opioid is a substance, like heroin, fentanyl, oxycodone, Percocet, Darvocet, hydrocodone, codeine, or morphine. Words like addiction, drug abuse, and overdose are all used to describe the clinical condition called substance use disorder. When opioids are involved, the medical condition is called opioid use disorder.

What is “Recovery”?

Recovery may include therapy, group work, medication management, 12-step programs like AA or NA, or getting help with housing, work, and family life. The recovery process can also include handling health needs, exercise, nutrition, finding ways to relax and have fun, and developing skills.

Our project helps women and families on their recovery journey by promoting peer and family support. We also offer life skills development, sober social activities, and training and education.

You define recovery your own way. Whatever path you choose, recovery is beautiful.

“How can I learn more?”

Just Five is a new resource for education about substance use and stigma, risk factors and recovery, and much more. Each topic is explained in less than five minutes and it’s a great place to start. with the just five link as a resource for education.